Since 2015, The Kollaboration EMPOWER Creative Leadership Conference has gathered Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) artists, producers, and leaders from all across the entertainment industry to share their expertise and advance APIDA representation in media through keynote sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and mentorship sessions. 

EMPOWER Attendees are the next generation of emerging APIDA voices and talents, poised to reshape the entertainment industry for years to come, but also our roster of speakers and mentors, made up of industry leaders and innovators ranging from high ranking studio executives to successful independent artists.

2018 was a banner year for Asian representation in American media. There is a hunger for more stories that represent the myriad stories of the APIDA diaspora, and a bounty of emerging artist ready to tell those stories. EMPOWER seeks to provide the resources, knowledge, and mentorship that is crucial for cultivating this groundswell of artistic potential into tomorrow’s visionary leaders.



Kollaboration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to discovering, connecting, & elevating APIDA talents in the popular arts and media. Through its programs such as the STAR Talent showcase and EMPOWER Creative Leadership Conference, Kollaboration provides platforms and spaces for APIDA artists to showcase their works and meet like-minded collaborators. To date, Kollaboration has produced over 160 live showcases, conferences, and digital pieces featuring over 1200 APIDA performers, industry professionals, and influencers. 

Kollaboration has produced APIDA focused programming at major industry events such as the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Music Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and CAAMFest. Our network includes artists such as: Run River North, Randall Park, Steven Yeun, Keiko Agena, KevJumba, Kina Grannis, AJ Rafael, Quest Crew, Kaba Modern, The Kinjaz, MC Jin, Dia Frampton, Ally Maki, Asif Ali, Timothy Delaghetto, Wong Fu Productions and many more artists who are commited to empower the next generation of APIDA artists.


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General Inquiries: info@kollaboration.org

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